Upgrade to Dhiraagu

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Why upgrade to Dhiraagu?

Best customer experience

Enjoy the best customer experience in the Maldives

4G LTE Network

The largest and fastest 4G LTE Network

Always closest to you

Get good connectivity anywhere you go

Before you port


Check if you meet the criteria below.


  • Cleared all outstanding payments with current mobile operator


  • Your number should be active for a minimum of 90 days with the current mobile operator at the time of port in





How to get started?

Upgrade to Dhiraagu in just 3 simple steps with Mobile Number Portability (MNP).


Obtain the unique Porting Code

  • SMS "PORT" to 234 from the number you wish to upgrade to Dhiraagu

  • You will receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) which will be valid for 10 days

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Visit Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre

  • A valid ID card (for locals) or passport and work visa (for foreigners)

  • Proof of last paid bill (if your number is a postpaid)

  • Choose your preferred Dhiraagu Prepaid or Postpaid plan

  • A new Dhiraagu SIM card will be given to you. This SIM card can only be used once the porting process is completed

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Switch to Dhiraagu

  • After your existing service has been disconnected, replace your existing SIM with the new Dhiraagu SIM

  • You will receive a welcome SMS once your number is successfully upgraded to Dhiraagu

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