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Activate DhiraaguPay eWallet and enjoy numerous discounts and benefits right away.
Key Benefits
Protect your money
eWallet comes with highest security for peace of mind
 Seamless transactions
Contactless and fastest digital transactions with payments in just a few clicks
Easily access to eWallet anywhere, any time
End-to-end encryption
Ensures that your money is stored safely in a digital form
Amazing offers
Exclusive discounts and cashback offers only for DhiraaguPay customers
  • For Limit 1 eWallet (Self registration wallet for Dhiraagu customers)
    1. Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store or simply dial *777#
    2. Register using your number and set PIN
    3. Upload NID (with at least 14 days validity from expiry) via app or send to [email protected]
    4. Start using by adding cash into the eWallet via the cash-in portal 
  • For Limit 2 eWallet (Dhiraagu customers, expats, and other local network customers)
    1. Fill DhiraaguPay application form
    2. Submit to CSC/ROC/ with the supporting documents required (Noted in the form)
    3. Customer gets SMS notification after the registration process is completed by DHR
    4. Download DhiraaguPay App
    5. Set a PIN and start using by adding cash into eWallet via the cash-in portal
  • NFC cards & stickers
    eWallet holder can link up to 3 personalized NFC cards. Each card can be assigned with a name and set limits separately. Customers will get real-time notifications when cards are being used.

    How to Apply & Use a Personalized NFC Debit Card

    To apply for Dhiraagu Pay NFC cards:

    1. Download & fill the application form
    2. Set a limit for each card and a name for each card
    3. Link up to 3 cards to each DhiraaguPay Wallet
    4. Visit one of our Customer Service Centers and submit the application

    Setting up your NFC card

    Everyday transactions made easier with DhiraaguPay NFC Cards.

    1. Just Tap & enter your PIN on DhiraaguPay POS Terminals and get real-time payment notification
  • Cash-In Options

    1. Direct cash-in via CBM Account

    • Registration for the service

    CMB customers can follow the steps below to register for direct cash in: 

    1. Log in to CBM Online Banking and go to Payments & Settlements, Bill Payments
    2. Select payment category for “Mobile eWallet”,  and service provider as “DhiraaguPay eWallet”
    3. Fill in the mobile number, NIC number and billing name
    4. Upon completion of these steps, CBM customers can directly transfer e-money to DhiraaguPay eWallet from their respective active CBM bank card

    • Steps to top up the DhiraaguPay eWallet

    1. Select 'Mobile eWallet' under 'Payments & Settlements'
    2. Select the Bank Account number and fill the other details
    3. Fill in the payment amount and click submit to complete the DhiraaguPay eWallet top-up
    4. An SMS will be delivered to your phone confirming the cash-in transaction

    2. Bank Card

    1. Enter your DhiraaguPay number and reconfirm
    2. Enter the amount you want to cash in
    3. Proceed to your preferred payment gateway
    4. Enter your card details and complete the cash in process.
    5. An SMS will be delivered to your phone confirming the cash-in transaction

    3. Bank Transfer

    • Cash in procedure for customers

    1. Customers can only request through the "cash in portal" to submit bank transfer receipts. You can access the" cash in portal" via Dhiraagu website and DhiraaguPay app
    2. Customer needs to visit Dhiraagu website/DhiraaguPay app and fill in customer information on the dedicated Cash-in portal: 1-Full Name, 2-DhiraaguPay registered number, 3-Amount for Cash-in (Note: Once the customer enters the above details, we will check if you have reached your daily rates and daily wallet limits. Upon successful verification, you will be asked to transfer money)
    3. Transfer the cash-in amount to the dedicated Dhiraagu BML bank account and upload the receipt to the portal and key in the transaction reference number displayed on the receipt provided by the bank
    4. In the case where the bank transfer amount exceeds the current limit of the wallet, the full amount will be reimbursed within 2 (two) business days

    4. Agents

    • Agents Tab

    1. Agents will provide Cash-In and Cash-out service to customers
    2. Cash out charges will apply as per the schedule
    3. Agents will also provide other services to pay bills and reload

    Value Range in (MVR)

    Service Charge (MVR)

    Cash In

    1.00 - wallet limit


    Cash Out






















    Transfer to Wallet (P2P- send money)

    Min 1


    Transfer to Unregistered Customers

    10 – 2,000

    Cash out charges

    • Merchant Payments Options

    1. QR Codes: Open you DhiraaguPay eWallet > Merchant Payment > Simply Scan QR Code> Enter Bill Amount & Proceed > SMS receipt will be received / can view transaction receipt on app immediately and from history
    2. POS Terminals: Simply key in your wallet number > wallet passcode (4 digit) > payment completed > SMS will be received OR you can simply tap your DhiraaguPay NFC card and enter passcode of wallet (link to register NFC Card)
    3. Online Payment: Upon checkout, click DhiraaguPay payment option> enter your wallet number > OTP will be sent to your phone via SMS> Key in OTP on the web slot> payment gets executed and user gets SMS receipt / e-receipt
    4. USSD Menu (For Dhiraagu customer): Dial to *777#> enter merchant ID> amount

DhiraaguPay Agents
DhiraaguPay Merchants
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