Welcome to Elite Club

As an Elite Club member, you are entitled to a host of benefits and privileges. You can enjoy exclusive rewards from Dhiraagu and the best retail outlets, restaurants and lifestyle service providers in the country. It's our way of saying, "Thank you!".
Become an Elite Club Member
We will be selectively offering you FREE exclusive memberships bi-annual, based on the following criterias:
Exclusively for you
Valuable Rewards from our Elite Club Partners.
Elite Club membership
Get great exclusive lifestyle rewards!
  • Selection
    Membership is free and is exclusive for the selected few. Dhiraagu will proactively select members twice a year based on the following criteria. New member selection would include all the billable services under the customer National ID card.
    • The period of time you have been using all your billable Dhiraagu services
    • Promptness of bill payments
    • Total expenses for all your billable Dhiraagu services
  • Membership Levels
    Membership is divided into three tiers :
    • Elite Club Blue Membership
    • Elite Club Gold Membership
    • Elite Club Premium Membership

    The benefits that you receive may differ according to your membership level. Please see "Benefits and Rewards" section for details
  • Membership Validity
    • Your membership will be valid for 1 year or until further notice

    Important Information about your Elite Membership:
    • The membership is non-transferrable and must be used only by the member whose details appears thereon
    • All or some privileges and services associated with elite membership may be revoked at any time without due notice
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