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Get ahead with Dhiraagu eSim

The eSim is a state-of-art technology that replaces traditional SIM cards.



Why use eSim?

No more swapping

No more swapping SIM cards or loss of SIM cards

Zero SIM card damages

No more worries on SIM card damage

Dual SIM functionality

Separate your work and personal SIM with easy dual SIM functionality

Dedicated Data SIM

Dedicated Data SIM ready and available

Get eSim to get ahead


With Dhiraagu eSim, physical limits become a thing of the past.


  • One-time charge of MVR 30 if you’re transferring from a normal SIM to an eSIM
  • Change from a physical SIM to an eSIM by simply logging into your Dhiraagu App
  • Separate personal and business lines
  • Add an additional line when you travel internationally with the dual SIM feature



How to get started

Simply activate an eSIM and select the SIM profile you want to use.


Download Dhiraagu App with Apple Store or Play Store


Login using MyAccount or Mobile OTP


Click the “Activate eSIM banner” to activate your Dhiraagu eSIM







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