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LTE Broadband
  • How do I activate my package?
    • Need to buy LTE SIM and Router.
    • Postpaid customer package will be activated by CSC.
    • Prepaid customer should recharge the required package amount and SMS to 343.
  • How to check balance?
    • Send an SMS to 727 with keyword BAL.
    • Myusage portal.
  • How do I change my package?
    • Customer can change the packages once a month. The initial packages should be set by customer care representative.
    • If no package change, it should be refreshed to last subscribed package on first of each calendar month.

    • Customer can change the packages once in 30 days.
    • Customer should recharge and SMS to subscribe to package.
  • How do I change Postpaid to a Prepaid?
    • To change your Postpaid to Prepaid, submit the following application form to Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre.
    • Any outstanding payments to Dhiraagu will need to be cleared by the customer before the change.
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