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LTE Broadband
  • How do I activate my package?
    • Need to buy LTE SIM and Router.
    • Postpaid customer package will be activated by CSC.
    • Prepaid customer should recharge the required package amount and SMS to 343.
  • How to check balance?
    • Send an SMS to 727 with keyword BAL.
    • Myusage portal.
  • How do I change my package?
    • Customer can change the packages once a month. The initial packages should be set by customer care representative.
    • If no package change, it should be refreshed to last subscribed package on first of each calendar month.

    • Customer can change the packages once in 30 days.
    • Customer should recharge and SMS to subscribe to package.
  • How do I change Postpaid to a Prepaid?
    • To change your Postpaid to Prepaid, submit the following application form to Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre.
    • Any outstanding payments to Dhiraagu will need to be cleared by the customer before the change.
  • What time would the Night Allowance be used?

    Night Allowance will only be used from 1am to 7am.

  • How will the night allowance be used?

    Night Allowance will be used from 1am to 7am for all data consuming activities (browsing, streaming etc). Only when the Night Allowance is used up, the Normal Allowance will be used during the time period of 1am to 7am.

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