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5G Turbo WiFi
  • Where can i buy the ‘5G Turbo device’?
    5G Turbo device is available at Dhiraagu head office.
  • What is included in the package?
    5G Router device and SIM card for activation.
  • How do I activate the package?

    Customer can purchase a postpaid or prepaid package and the first activation to be done at the CSC center (Dhiraagu Head Office).

  • How to continue my subscription?
    • Postpaid customers are billed on the subscribed package on a monthly basis.
    • Prepaid packages are non-recurring and customers will have to activate the package via SMS to (343) or by using Dhiraagu App.
  • How to check the balance?

    Simply by sending an SMS to 727 with keyword 'BAL' or using Dhiraagu App.

  • How do i change my package?

    • Postpaid Customer can change the packages once a month. The initial packages should be set by one of our customer care representative at Dhiraagu Head Office CSC. To change the package use ‘Dhiraagu App’ or SMS 343 with keyword.
    • Prepaid Customers can change or add new packages multiple times based on the balance available. Customers should recharge and SMS 343 to subscribe to the package or can use Dhiraagu App. Reload services are available via Dhiraagu App quick top-up (login first), reload services via shops and QR (postpaid to prepaid recharge service via App and SMS)

  • What are the package and booster keywords?

    5G Turbo WiFi package keywords

    • Add 5G749
    • Add 5G999
    • Add 5G1499
    • Add 5G1999
    • Add 5G2999

    5G Turbo booster keywords

    • Boost 5G15
    • Boost 5G50
    • Boost 5G100
    • Boost 5G300

    Simply send an SMS to 343 with the keyword.

  • How do i disconnect the service?

    Customer will have to submit a disconnection request via their 'MyAccount' services. If customer does not have 'MyAccount', they can sign up by using any of their existing Dhiraagu service number or, service number of the 5G Turbo device.

  • What is the Huwaei portal?

    Huawei Self-care Portal of the device can be accessed via // on any browser.
    Customer can self-manage device settings and prepaid customer has the option to send SMS to subscribe to 5G Turbo packages.

  • How can a customer log into the Dhiraagu app with the phone number given for 5G Turbo device?

    a) Customers can enter their number (MSISDN) to Dhiraagu app directly.
    b) Then Check SMS OTP received to the Huawei portal.
    c) Then log-in to Dhiraagu app to check plan, subscriptions, or usage.

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