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Understanding your Dhiraagu bill


The bill format designed is with the primary focus of providing our customers with the most relevant information in a single-page summary and displayed in an easy to follow zone structure


  1. Shows customer name, registered billing address and barcode. The registered billing address shows where you want the bill delivered.

  2. Gives at a glance the key information, name of customer, total amount due and latest date for payment settlement.

  3. Account number assigned for the services, invoice number, billing period and date of bill creation reflected in this zone. The account number is unique and will remain constant every month, whereas the invoice number will be unique to that bill and will be different each month.

  4. A summary of your bill showing the Previous Period, including any outstanding from last bill and Current Period charges with total amount due including GST applied.

  5. Displays the popular payment channels available for customers to settle their bills conveniently.

  6. Scan this QR code to download Dhiraagu mobile app to keep track of usage, activate boosters or add-ons, top-up a prepaid and pay Dhiraagu bills. With the latest mobile devices, you can simply scan the QR code by pointing the camera.

  7. Register for Dhiraagu MyAccount services via here to download the PDF bill or to get a more detailed bill including calls details.