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  • Terms of service
    • Only residential ADSL customers are eligible for this promotion.
    • Monthly rental and allowance will be canceled from ADSL service from the date of Fibre activation.
    • ONT will be provided free of charge for all customers upgrading from ADSL to Fibre, however, if the service is disconnected before 12 months, an early termination fee of MVR 1000 will be charged.
    • Internal wiring will be free up to 150 feet and will be charged MVR 500 beyond that.
    • Speed will be reduced up to 2 Mbps (speed after allowance) on Fibre 5M Starter once the allowance is exhausted.
    • Speed will be reduced up to 5 Mbps (speed after allowance) on all other packages once the allowance is exhausted.
    • There will be no extra charges for additional usage once the package allowance is exhausted.
    • Rates indicated are subject to 8% GST.
    • Better speeds are assured through your direct Fibre Broadband connection through Ethernet via Optical Network Terminal. Speed may vary if you are accessing through multiple devices on a WiFi connection (or via other mediums) and it is also dependent on the distance from the ONT.
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