Experience Dhiraagu 5G Turbo WiFi

With our plug and play 5G Turbo WiFi, you can enjoy extremely fast 5G speeds internet connectivity at home, or anywhere.
Key Benefits
Easy setup
Easy to setup 5G Turbo WiFi device.
Max network speeds
Reliable, high-speed 5G connectivity, wherever you go. Enjoy download speeds of up to Max Network Speeds!

No data charges

No excess data charges.

Data Rollover

5G Turbo WiFi Postpaid customers can carry forward unused main allowance up to 1 month to the following month.
5G Turbo WiFi Packages
Work or play, we have the right packages for your blazing fast portable home internet.
  • More Info
    • Rates indicated are subject to 8% GST
    • Get up to 500 Mbps download speeds with 5G Turbo packages
    • When all-inclusive data and Booster volume are depleted, the speed will be throttled to 128Kbps till validity expires.
    • All 5G Turbo devices SIM will be paired and locked to a specific router. Swapping SIM or routers will not work.

    • All packages will be prorated for rental and data allowance.
    • Expiry is set to the end of the month.
    • Users on 5G Turbo Postpaid can carry forward unused main allowance up to 1 month to the following month.
    • Rollover Data will be forfeited if package is downgraded.
    • First activation will be done by CSC center
    • Customer can change the packages once a month.
    • If no package change, it will be refreshed to the last subscribed package on first of each calendar month.
    • Postpaid Customers can change package via ‘MyAccount’ or visit CSC center
    • Postpaid boosters can be activated via Dhiraagu App or SMS 343

    • All packages will carry a validity of 30 days from the date of subscription.
    • Customer should recharge package using SMS.
    • First activation will be done by CSC center
    • Package will not be prorated.
    • Customers can change the package multiple times (based on recharge balance) and the latest expiry date applies.
    • Customer should recharge SMS to 343 and subscribe to the package.
    • • Add 5G749
      • Add 5G999
      • Add 5G1499
      • Add 5G1999
      • Add 5G2999
    • For package change/subscription or booster activations customers can also use ‘SMS to 343’ or ‘Dhiraagu App’

  • How to subscribe

    • The username and the password for the devices will be provided on the sticker of device.
    • Prepaid customers would need to activate as prepaid category vis CSC center and then reload the required package amount to the Data SIM to subscribe to a package.
    • Prepaid customers can or change add the required package using SMS to 343 (Eg: Add 5G749). Reload balance should be adequate at the time of subscription. Package subscription can also be done via MyAccount or Dhiraagu App.
    • Postpaid first activation to be done at the CSC center. Customers will be billed in the following months accordingly.
    • Postpaid customers can change packages once a month via via ‘MyAccount’ or visit CSC center
All Plans

Main Allowance

Price (MVR)


250 GB



500 GB



300 GB



500 GB


TURBO 1499

750 GB


TURBO 1999

1024 GB


TURBO 2999

1536 GB


TURBO 5999

4000 GB

Your 5G WiFi Turbo device
Experience seamless connection with our 5G WiFi Turbo device.
  • Terms of service
    • The device comes with a 6 month warranty for any faulty issues
    • For 5G Turbo postpaid and prepaid customers the device will come with a free SIM card and registered number with device
Boosters for you
If you need more data for the month, you can simply activate more from our selection of Boosters.
  • More info
    • Rates indicated are subject to 8% GST.
    • For every sms to 343 - MVR 1 will be charged.
    • Boosters are available for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
    • You can purchase boosters using the Dhiraagu App or SMS to 343 with the keyword.
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Get on your way with reliable and high speed Internet connectivity.
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