Managing your Fixed Broadband Data Allowance
Are you having trouble managing your fixed broadband monthly data allowance?

With the increase in devices per person, streaming services and high usage of social media, data usage is at an all-time high. Here are some tips and tricks that help to effectively manage your data usage and stay in control.

From HD to SD

Set your streaming quality to SD instead of HD while streaming on smaller devices such as Mobile phones to save data. The difference between SD and HD is not that noticeable on smaller devices
Turn off auto play
Turn off auto play on apps such Facebook and YouTube. This way you will consume data for videos that you want to watch only
Keep auto updates off
Make sure you keep automatic updates off on your devices such as phones, laptops and gaming consoles. Automatic updates can usually use a lot of data without you being aware of it
Turn off auto-sync
Turn off auto-sync on your devices to avoid using up a lot of data. Sync devices manually so that you are in control of the data usage
Disable file-sharing apps
Your file-sharing apps, such as uTorrent tend to use data for seeding even after you’re done downloading. Disable or close any file sharing apps once done using them
Turn off videos
If video is not required during online classes or office meetings, turn off your video. If video is required, you can set video call quality to SD to save some data
Check your file size
Be mindful when downloading your files sent to you and double-check file size before downloading them
Use antivirus software
Use an antivirus software to keep your devices and WiFi safe and secure
Keep track and manage
From time to time, use Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband Usage Portal or the Mobile App to keep track and manage your monthly data allowance
And of course, taking some time off the internet and reducing your screen time every now and then will also help you save on data.

More importantly, taking a break from your devices, and doing another activity such as reading a book or exercising will have many health benefits.
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