Data Gifting

Now you can send Data Add-ons as a gift with Dhiraagu app!




A simple way of sending Data Add-ons to the ones you love.

Easily gift a data add-on with Dhiraagu App!

Quick and easy way of gifting data

Simply purchase a data gifting add-on via Dhiraagu app

No need to reload!

The data add-on gets deducted from your balance!

Key Features


With Data Gifting:


  • Gift Data Add-ons to your loved ones instantly.


  • Choose from a number of eligible add-ons.


  • Deducted from your balance if you're a prepaid customer.  


  • Added to your monthly bill if you're a postpaid customer



Data Gifting Add-ons for you!




If your friend is using a Prepaid, you can gift these Add-ons

Gift Data 30

250 MB (Data Allowance)

24 Hours

MVR 30

Gift Data 75

1 GB (Normal Data allowance)

500 MB (Social Media Data Allowance)

7 Days

MVR 75

Gift 1 GB

1 GB Data Allowance

30 Days

MVR 125

Gift 2 GB

2 GB Data Allowance

30 Days

MVR 175

Gift 5 GB

5 GB Data Allowance

30 Days

MVR 285



How to get started

Giving the gift of data to your loved ones is super easy


Download Dhiraagu App and login


Select the Gift icon


Enter the receivers number and choose the addon you want to gift


Proceed to "Confirm Purchase" to send the Gift of data to your loved one