Thakuru Wars

Maldives’ first local online multiplayer game




Made in the Maldives, for true-blooded Maldivians

Thakuru Wars is an online multiplayer battle arena mobile game based on traditional Maldivian characters and settings. Packed with various elements such as humorous weapons and special powers for each character the game focuses on players winning a battle within a time limit. Winning players will be awarded with 'Ruh' (Maldivian word for Palm Trees) and then will be added to the leaderboard with the top players in the Maldives.



Key Features


Enjoy a fun game with your friends.


  • Choose from 5 powerful Maldivian themed characters who can be customized to your taste
  • Battle with your mates using the characters’ special powers and traditional Weapon within a time limit
  • Download unlimited games
  • Engage in daily fights, develop character knowledge and beat other players to get on the Maldivian leaderboard, all of this to guarantee an amazing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena experience!


Aan, avahah hingaa!

Download and join the battle of our shores.


Download and join the battle of our shores.




Join the battle



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