Mesh Wifi

Wi-Fi dead spots interrupting your browsing? Mesh-up today!

Is your home Wi-Fi network driving you mad?

Do you experience spotty Wi-Fi at home? Do you drop in and out of your Wi-Fi connection when you move around your home? You could be limited by your router location, signal interferences, physical barriers or even a connection bottleneck. It's time to get Mesh Wi-fi.








Mesh-Up For Benefits

Fast speeds

Automatically selects the best connection for your devices, so you'll always get the fastest speed

Streamlined coverage

No need to create multiple networks across your home to extend your Wi-Fi coverage

Tight security

Provides Improved network security and automatically checks and installs firmware updates



Key Features


Providing you with a better home Wi-Fi experience.


  • Easy setup


  • Parental control


  • Device prioritization


  • Control from anywhere




Devices for you

Experience seamless connection with the mesh devices.


Deco M5

1 unit

MVR 1,425

Deco M5

2 units

MVR 2,139

Deco M5

3 units

MVR 3,361






Get it today

With improved coverage in your home, you can finally "move it, move it!"


Visit Dhiraagu Head Office to request for a Mesh Wi-Fi device


Connect the Mesh Wi-Fi device to your modem and power on


Download and launch the app for your Mesh Wi-Fi device


Follow the in-app instructions to setup the device



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