• 06 April 2020
    Dhiraagu partners with Ministry of Communication, Science & Technology to enable FREE Access to Government Network for Civil Service Employees.
    Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Dhiraagu has partnered with Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology to enable FREE access to government network through Dhiraagu Fixed Broadband for civil service employees in order to enable remote working for the month of April and May 2020.

    All our civil service employees are working from home and attending to critical matters remotely as all the government offices are closed until further notice. During this critical time, we want to ensure that all civil service employees are enabled with a secure internet connectivity through our Home Fixed Broadband connection in order facilitate a seamless digital experience.

    We recognize that the new lifestyle we are required to adapt presents a set of challenges to all of us and as a result we all are depending on digital connectivity more than ever. During the past couple of weeks, we have seen the data usage striking new highs. Hence, as a relief we have been announcing a number of offers since March 2020 to assist in remote working, remote learning and for everyone who are socializing and staying entertained at home.

    To further support President’s initiatives to ensure greater ease of access to Internet, we have offered even more extra free data allowance to our customers for the month of April and May 2020.

    With this new offer, all Dhiraagu Home Fixed Broadband Customers will receive 50% to 140% of FREE extra data for the month of April and May 2020 and prices of Data Boosters have been reduced by 50% in March and will continue through April 2020.

    As for Mobile Customers, Dhiraagu Postpaid Customers have been awarded 50% to 75% of extra FREE data based on their plan for the month of April and May 2020. Meanwhile, Dhiraagu Prepaid Customers will receive 50% extra FREE data on every Monthly Data-Add on purchased during the Month of April and May 2020.

    Dhiraagu has been working closely with the government and relevant authorities to assist them and our communities through various initiatives.

    To learn more about how Dhiraagu is responding to COVID-19 and how we are supporting the community, please click here.

    Stay Home, Stay Safe
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