• 12 July 2018
    Upgrading customers on Best friend, Prepaid Plus and Hi5 plan to the new Dhiraagu Prepaid.

    With the launch of the new Dhiraagu Prepaid on 11 July 2018, we will be upgrading customers using Best Friend, Hi5 and Prepaid Plus to the new Dhiraagu Prepaid, starting from 15th August 2018.

    The upgrade will enable customers to enjoy the benefits of customizing their Prepaid plan with better voice and data add-ons with free social media data. Customers will also enjoy reduced off-net call rates, receive SMS notifications on their data usage and enjoy the convenience of using Dhiraagu App to reload, activate bundles and manage their Prepaid account.

    The automatic upgrade will apply to customers who have not been using the special features of their current Best Friend, Hi5 and Prepaid Plus Plans. Any customers who are currently using their profile-specific benefits will remain on their current Prepaid Plan unless they upgrade on their own.

    Customers can conveniently upgrade their current Prepaid Plan to the new Dhiraagu Prepaid by messaging the keyword “PKG STD” to 444

    For more information, please visit

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