"The simplest way to keep in touch!"

Say, hello to the all NEW Dhiraagu Prepaid Combo Plans!! Now you can get everything you need with just ONE simple activation. 

  • EVERYTHING in ONE - Now you don’t have to activate a separate Add-on for Voice, separate Add-on for SMS and a separate Add-on for Data. 
  • Gives you MORE for LESS - Get MORE VOICE, SMS and DATA for your money
  • Get FREE Data PERKS to chat, browse social media or to stream your favorite shows and content
  • Keep track of all your Voice, SMS and Data easily on Dhiraagu App
Check out the all New Prepaid Combo plans below:


And there's MORE!

MORE FREE Data for your Chat, Social and Streaming needs.

With every, Combo you will get FREE Perks. What are perks you may ask.

Perks are FREE Data dedicated for Social, Chat and Streaming. 


If you need more Data Perks than whats included in your Combo Plan, you can add-on as many as you want for just MVR 49!

Somethings to keep in mind when using Perks.

  • Every Perk will be valid till the expiry of your activated Combo Plan
  • If you do not activate the Perk from your first Combo plan and activate another Combo Plan, you will lose the previous Perk from the first Combo plan.

  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
  • * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

How to activate

  • Simply Dhiraagu Mobile App
  • To download Dhiraagu App 

         For iOS click here

         For Android click here

    1 For exisiting Prepaid customers, they can simply activate a Combo plan, using the Dhiraagu Mobile App.
    2 For New Prepaid Customers: 

    Or walk-in to any of our partner shops, with your National ID or Passport to apply. Get a prepaid connection kit for MVR 30 which includes your SIM and MVR 20 credit.
  • Other Add-Ons
      To get the best of your prepaid plan, activate one of our Data, Voice or SMS Add-Ons and enjoy more   value.

        Need Data for a short while? For these situations, you can activate one of our Mini Data bundles. 

    1. Send an SMS to 727 with keyword BAL
    2. Press * 142 #
    3. Via dhiraagu App

    • Change Prepaid Package via SMS. Just SMS keyword to 444.
    • When package change is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
    • Every SMS to 444 will be charged MVR1 per SMS.

    Change Package PKG <package name>
    • dhiraagu Prepaid 
    • PKG STD
    Help message PKG Help
    Check Package PKG Check

    Change your Prepaid to a Postpaid (and vice versa) without changing your number:

    • You can change your Dhiraagu Prepaid connection to a Dhiraagu Postpaid (and vice versa) without changing your phone number for no additional charges. 
    • To change your Prepaid to Postpaid, submit the following application form to Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre.
      Apply for Dhiraagu Postpaid Service
    • To change your Postpaid to Prepaid, submit the following application form to Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre. 
    • With the change, any functionality or features of your previous package including package balances or Add-Ons or points (voice, SMS and Data) will be cancelled and the new package will come into effect. 
    • Any outstanding payments to Dhiraagu will need to be cleared by the customer before the change.
  • FAQ
    • Should Recharge Vouchers be used within a certain period of time?

      Recharge vouchers don't have any validity period. Customers can keep recharge vouchers for years unless it is recharged.

      Denomination Validity:

      MVR 50 -> 45 Days
      MVR 100 -> 90 Days
      MVR 200 -> 180 Days
      MVR 500 -> 365 Days

      Reload validity

      Reload Amount (MVR) Validity Extension (Days)
      8 - 19 10
      20 - 49 20
      50 - 99 45
      100 - 199 90
      200 - 499 180
      500 - 1000 365

    • What will happen if I click on a photo on
    • Can I top up my account whenever I wish to?
    • How do I top up my mobile?
    • How can I check my account balance?
    • Can I activate Daily RED Benefits AILY RED BENEFITS before the expiry of my existing RED Benefits?
    • Can I change my existing prepaid plan to RED?
    • Can I enroll to Prepaid Rewards?
    • I have subscribed to an SMS bundle. If I activate Daily RED Benefits, can I still be able to SMS at 1 Laari?