Application for Telephone Service

  1. Fill up the form below.
  2. To process application, bring the completed form with relevant documents to the nearest Dhiraagu Customer Service Centre.
Application Form

Customer Information

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Type of Service Required

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Discount Schemes

Apply Friends and Family discount Scheme to  
Nominated Numbers  
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Nominated countries
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  • The minimum period of subscription for these schemes is 12 months
  • Change of nominated numbers for any reason must be advised by the customer.

Declaration and Signatures

I/ We agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions for provision of Telecommunications Service by Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Limited and any amendments there to made from time to time.
ID Card No*
(Official stamp is required fro Offices and Companies)


  1. A valid National Identity card for Maldivians and the passport and work permit for non-Maldivians are required with applications.
  2. Non-Maldivians are required to pay a deposit or submit a guarantor letter with ID card of the Maldivian guarantor.
    (The guarantor should be a Dhiraagu account holder with a good payment record for the last 12 months).
    The guarantor will be responsible for settling all outstanding debts in the event of the customer defaulting on payment.
  3. We may also ask for a deposit if
    • you have not previously held an account with us
    • you have been a Dhiraagu customer and have not yet established a good payment record with us; or
    • you have previously failed to make a payment to Dhiraagu
  4. If you are a business and this is your first application, please attach a copy of your Business Registration Certificate together with a completed Business Information
    Sheet (available at Dhiraagu Customer Front Office)