Prepaid RED

"Choose to Belong"
Now you can be in touch with your closest circle of buddies with the coolest Prepaid service on offer! Prepaid RED opens you to a world of freedom; the freedom to share, express and explore.

With its cool features and unmatched access, Prepaid Red is the ideal choice, if you frequently use your phone for social media, data usage and to send lots of SMS

Enjoy Facebook and Twitter free of data charges every day, along with a variety of other benefits. Share your moments of fun!

  • FREE access to Twitter
  • FREE Facebook Messenger (Android and iOS)
  • FREE access to Facebook via Facebook App (Android and iOS) and Facebook Mobile browser
  • Activate DAILY RED BENEFITS every day or any day you choose to enjoy the following;
SMS to Dhiraagu numbers 1  Laari
Data/MB 30 Laari
Special Friends and Family rate to 1 Dhiraagu number/min 49 Laari
Lowest call rate to other Prepaid Red users/min
5 Laari
  • Daily Red Benefits will be applicable only when it is activated via SMS to 343 with keyword “RED”
  • Daily Red Benefits will expire at 24 hours after activation

  • GST will be charged at 6%* on Recharge/Reload amount at the point of sale.
  • * If sold in a tourist establishment GST will be charged at the prevailing tourism sector GST rate.

  • Get Started
    • Purchase a Prepaid RED connection for MVR 30 with free credit of MVR 20. As soon as you get your Prepaid RED connection, start enjoying FREE access to Twitter, FREE Facebook Messenger and FREE access to Facebook App (Android and iOS)
    • To change your current Prepaid Package to a Prepaid Red , SMS as follows: “PKG (space) RED” to 444
    • Have even more fun! Activate your Daily Red Benefits for just MVR 2.99 and enjoy Daily Red Benefits for a whole 24 hours after activation.
    • To activate Daily Red Benefits SMS keyword “RED” to 343
    • To activate your FnF number send an SMS to 445 as follows:
    • SMS “HELP RED” to 343 for more information. (MVR 1 will be charged for this SMS)
    • To check if your friends are using Prepaid RED,  Type PKG<space> CHECK<space> followed by your friend’s mobile number and SMS to 444.
    • You can check up to 3 numbers in one SMS
    • 1 Rufiyaa will be charged for each SMS sent to 444 and 343
  • Add-ons
  • Other Information
    Free access to Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Facebook
    • All Prepaid Red customers can use Facebook via Facebook App, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, FREE of data charges even if Daily Red Benefits is not activated.
    • Free Access to Facebook is available through the following apps;
      • Facebook for iOS app
      • Facebook for Android app
      • Facebook Messenger for iOS
      • Facebook Messenger for Android
      • Facebook Java Application
      • Facebook for phones with Java Application
      • Facebook browser based access to the mobile website

      Not applicable:
      Free access to Facebook is not available to Facebook Pages Manager App 
    • FREE Facebook Messenger is available for iPhones and all Android smartphones. You can chat, share pictures, emoticons and voice clips, free of data charges via Facebook Messenger.
    • You can get free access to Facebook via Facebook App to enjoy browsing, likes, pokes, comments, status updates, shares and Facebook messaging, FREE of data charges.
    • Twitter access is FREE for tweets, re-tweets, favorites, and uploading pictures. Simply use the Official Twitter application on your Android smartphone and Android tablets. For FREE Twitter access via other smartphones and devices visit the mobile version
    • For uses that do not meet the above requirements and for uploading, downloading, viewing pictures, accessing external links, accessing third party links/apps,  data usage/charges will apply as per Dhiraagu Mobile Internet usage terms (or as per your package details or in accordance to Daily RED Benefits wherever applicable)

    Standard rates
    • Normal standard rate for calls (except for calls to other Prepaid Red users and to the special FnF number activated under DAILY RED BENEFITS) is 0.99 Laari/min. This rate applies to all networks
    • The following Prepaid RED standard rates will apply if Daily RED Benefits is not activated.
    • SMS to Dhiraagu numbers: 20 laari
    • SMS to other networks: 50 laari
    • Data/KB:1 laari
    • If SMS or Data bundles are added, the respective usage terms will apply accordingly.

    Package Change
    • To change your current Prepaid Package to a Prepaid Red , SMS as follows,
      "PKG (space) RED" to 444
  • FAQ
    • How can I get a Prepaid RED package?

      Prepaid RED kits will be available from all Dhiraagu Customer Service Centres and distributors for just MVR 30 (Inclusive credit of MVR 20)

    • What will happen if I click on a photo on
    • Can I activate Daily RED Benefits AILY RED BENEFITS before the expiry of my existing RED Benefits?
    • I have subscribed to an SMS bundle. If I activate Daily RED Benefits, can I still be able to SMS at 1 Laari?
    • Can I change my existing prepaid plan to RED?
    • How do I top up my mobile?
    • Can I top up my account whenever I wish to?