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  • What is NowMV?
    NowMV is an app offering a wide array of localized lifestyle content ranging from travel, food to events and more.
  • How can I get NowMV?
    Simply look for NowMV in the App Store and in Google Play Store. You can register either through your local mobile number or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • Do I have to buy the App?
    No. The App is free to download.
  • How current is the information I see on the App?
    The information you see on the app is shown in real-time, but make sure to refresh if you keep the app open for an extended period of time just to make sure that the information is still current.
  • Do I have to sign-up?
    Yes. Sign-up is required, the information collected here will help us to provide a better in app experience.
  • How do I personalize my homescreen?
    Tap on your profile and go to the 'settings' page. On the menu, you will find the option to 'personalize homescreen'. Drag and re-arrange using the handle beside each section as you wish.
  • If I sign out, will my settings get cleared?
    Yes, we recommend to be logged in at all times.
  • When do I receive badges?
    Badges will be awarded according to your donations to a campaign.
  • How can I donate to NGOs?
    You can find the donation icon on the homepage footer. Select a campaign to proceed. Donations can be made via your DhiraaguPay account.
  • Will I be charged a commission for the donations I make?
    No. The amount donated will be directly transferred to the NGO's wallet without a commission.
  • What if I am not registered on DhiraaguPay?
    If you are not registered on DhiraaguPay, unfortunately you will not be able to donate through the app. To make donations easily, we suggest to create a DhiraaguPay account.
  • How does prayer tracking work?
    Prayer tracking allows you to keep track of your prayers. It lets you mark off a prayer once you have completed it. If you have enabled prayer tracker from the settings, you should be able to see it on the homepage. You can mark the prayed status for attended prayers of the present day. If you have missed to make an entry for a previous day, tap on '>>' to view the monthly calendar where you can pick any date and mark the status on the banner provided below.
  • How does the prayer reminder work?
    Once you have selected your preferred setting, you will receive alerts 5 minutes ahead of the prayer time.
  • How can I view my prayer tracker logs?
    Go to the prayer page and swipe left. Here you will find a wheel which shows the calculated percentatge of prayers in a daily, weekly, and monthly view.
  • What happens when I redeem an offer through the app?
    You can redeem offers using DhiraaguPay. Once you proceed to redeem, you will be asked to enter your DhiraaguPay number and the total bill amount. Upon confirmation, you will receive an SMS and a notification confirming the payment status.
  • How does the nearby restaurants feature work?
    The restaurants you see in the 'nearby restaurants' column are the outlets nearest to your current location. (if you have allowed the App to access your location)
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