Add-on bundles
Enjoy 50% Extra on Mamen Data add-ons, Chat and Social Media Bundles!
  • Terms of service
    • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST
    • Mamen add-ons will not carry forward if unused
    • 50% extra on Mamen data add-ons are valid till 30 April 2021
    • TAKE BACK’ feature is not applicable to add-ons
    • Multiple add-ons are allowed and can be accumulated until expiry
    • It is recommended to have sufficient build data or add-on data when using streaming/social/chats add-ons for better user experience as background data will be consumed by phone apps
Track it. Flex it. Enjoy!
Build it up
‘BUILD’ data, voice and SMS to your needs
Take it back
Use the ‘TAKE BACK’ feature to undo and rebuild your plan
Reload or Recharge
Reload or Recharge directly through the Mamen app
Mamen Community
Transfer credit or RB (Raalhu Bis) to another Mamen user
Refer a friend
Refer a friend to join Mamen and get Bonus data
Mamen Data Add-ons
Get more value with Mamen Data Add-ons for streaming and social media
Get it today
Download Mamen via App Store or Google Play.
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