Plug and play for speed 

With our plug and play Broadband LTE, you can enjoy reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity at home, or anywhere.
Key Benefits
Easy setup
Easy setup of mobile Broadband
Up to 25Mbps speeds!
Reliable, high-speed connectivity, wherever you go. Enjoy download speeds of up to 25 Mbps!

No data charges

No excess data charges
LTE Broadband Packages
Work or play, we have the right packages for your portable home internet.
  • More Info
    • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST
    • Get up to 25 Mbps download speeds with our LTE Broadband packages.
    • When all-inclusive data and Booster volume is depleted, the speed will be throttled to 128kbps till validity expires
    • All LTE Broadband SIM will be paired and locked to a specific router. Swapping SIM or routers will not work
    • Night Allowance is currently only applicable for Postpaid LTE Broadband users.
    • Night Allowance will only be used from 1am to 7am

    • All packages will be prorated for rental and data allowance
    • Expiry is set to the end of the month

    • Customer can change the packages at the end of the 30 days validity cycle
    • Customer should recharge package using SMS
    • All packages will carry a validity of 30 days from the date of subscription
    • Package will not be prorated
  • How to subscribe

    • The username and the password for the devices will be provided in the user manual upon purchase.
    • To activate a Prepaid Mobile Broadband package, customers can insert the Data SIM to a mobile phone and SMS with the Keyword to 343 or activate via Dhiraagu App.
    • Customers would need to reload the required package amount to the Data SIM and subscribe.
    • From Dhiraagu APP simply open Dhiraagu APP, go to buy and choose the Package.
    • Using SMS Addon to purchase for Prepaid Mobile Broadband, SMS to 343 with the following keywords:
      - Add Starter
      - Add Basic
      - Add Plus
      - Add Premium
    • Booster purchase for both POSTPAID & PREPAID is available on 343 with the following keyword.
      - Boost 5GB
      - Boost 10GB
    • For every sms to 343 - MVR 1 will be charged


Price (MVR)


30 GB



60 GB



130 GB



208 GB

Devices for you
Experience seamless connection with our LTE Broadband devices.
  • Terms of service
    • For LTE Broadband prepaid, customers will have to purchase the device & LTE Broadband Prepaid Kit
    • For LTE Broadband postpaid, the device is free on contract (Note that LTE Broadband SIM-only option is not available)
Boosters for you
If you need more data for the month, you can simply activate more from our selection of Boosters.
  • More info
    • Rates indicated are subject to 6% GST
    • Booster Keywords are "Boost5GB" and "Boost10GB"
    • For every sms to 343 - MVR 1 will be charged

    • Post-paid Booster will be valid till the end of the month
    • Booster will not be prorated
    • Booster can be subscribed through SMS (343)

    • Pre-paid Booster will be valid till the end of validity period
    • Booster will not be prorated
    • Booster can be subscribed through SMS (343)
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Get on your way with reliable and high speed Internet connectivity.
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