The best IDD rates in the country guaranteed
Keep in touch with your friends and family overseas with the BEST IDD rates- only from Dhiraagu! Enjoy greater savings with our IDD 019 service!
Key Benefits

Superior voice quality

Enjoy superior voice quality on your international calls
63% savings
Up to 63% savings on our Budget IDD
Savings on SME international calling
Up to 10% savings on SME international calling to any three countries
Country Code and Rates
Which country would you like to call? Just select the country and view our rates.
  • IDD

    Simply dial normal IDD access code “00” or “+” then enter the number with country code.

  • BUDGET IDD 019

    The latest IDD019 rates and countries can be viewed by simply sending an SMS to 242 with keyword IDD019. For more information on time bands reply with keyword IDD019 (space) country name.

    If a customer calls outside the IDD019 period or to a destination that is not in the list he/she will hear an announcement.


    Following would not be applicable for the special offer:

    • Direct dialed calls to satellite phones
    • ISDN international data calls
    • Interconnect IDD calls from other national operators
    • Dhiraagu Friends & Family Discounts

  • BUDGET IDD 018

    • Budget IDD 018 service is applicable to Prepaid customers calling Bangladesh
    • With our Budget IDD 018 service, get the special rate of MVR0.75/min to call Bangladesh anytime
    • The service is applicable only for outgoing calls from Maldives to Bangladesh
    • To enjoy this special rate, simply dial “018” instead of the normal IDD access code “00” or “+”
    • The service is not applicable for calls made when on roaming

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