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The extra allowance and speeds allocated will depend on your current package and location. Simply select your island and the current broadband package below to check the new allowance and speed on your new broadband package.
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While the majority of households will be able to immediately enjoy the high-speeds we are offering with our new Fibre Home Broadband packages, due to limitations we are currently unable to offer the new higher speeds in some islands. We would like to assure you that we are working to upgrade the network capacity to bring you the new higher speeds in your island and estimate the upgrade to be completed by March 2021.

  • Once the upgrade is completed, we will be able to offer similar high-speed experience we are offering throughout the rest of the islands having our Fibre network
  • In the meantime, we have included 20% more data allowance for your package, which is additional to the extra allowances offered in the new packages
  • Customers on Fibre 5M Basic, Fibre 5M and the new Fibre 10M Basic will be able to experience the package speed, hence the additional 20% data will not be applicable for these packages
This page will be updated regularly to reflect our progress in network capacity upgrades in the islands.

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