Dhiraagu Traveler SIMs
Want to stay in touch with your loved ones during your travels?
Our prepaid plans are made with you in mind.
  • Terms of service
    • Rates indicated are inclusive of 8% GST
    • Dhiraagu Travel SIMs are only eligible for tourists
    • You can request for your Travel SIM Kit through the portal. Upon payment, you will receive an Email confirming your order.
    • Upon arrival, you must present the order confirmation Email, your passport and any other verification details required by Dhiraagu to our staff at the Dhiraagu Airport Business Centre.
    • Your Prepaid Travel SIM will be handed over after the verification process.
    • You order is non-refundable and will be valid for 30 days from the date of Email confirmation. Any orders not collected during this period will expire.
    • The above service specific terms are subject to Dhiraagu General Terms and Conditions here.
Get it today
Simply buy Your SIM online and have it ready for collection at the airport! Just flash your passport.
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