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Dhiraagu Prepaid plan
Enjoy the best value for your Prepaid Plan with the Maldives' Fastest Mobile Network

Salhi Prepaid

  • Choose between Salhi Weekly, Salhi 2 Weeks, Salhi Monthly, Salhi Monthly x2, Salhi 28 days, Salhi Quarterly and Salhi Quarterly x2 plans.
  • Get 1GB or 2GB Data every day for all your data needs! We've  got some amazing promotions happening as well, with daily 4GB or 5GB Daily Data. 
  • Free calls to all Dhiraagu numbers.
Dhiraagu Prepaid

  • Get Data, Voice, SMS in one easy activation.

  • Keep track of your Prepaid Combo easily using Dhiraagu App.

  • Dedicated FREE DATA for your choice of perks.

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