iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini features A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. A new dual-camera system. And a beautiful Super Retina XDR display. All in a smaller design. 

With our very special offer, enjoy FREE Bonus Data of 10GB/ Month for 6 months- Only on Dhiraagu! 

Limited Stock for Pre-orders: 

  • Pre-Orders are limited to 1 device / Customer. 
  • Please be informed that stock is very limited for Pre-orders and will be served on a first come first served basis depending your
    Pre-order queue. 

  • Special announcement due to the Public Health State of Emergency:

    • iPhone 12 mini Maldives launch date will be announced soon. Please check back here for more updates.
    • On device collection day, please fix an appointment via Ant Queue App before visiting Dhiraagu Head Office.
    • You can download the Ant Queue App  for Android and iOS from the links below.

    • iPhone 12 mini is the world’s smallest, thinnest
      and lightest 5G phone.

      Complete with A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. A new dual-camera system. And a beautiful Super Retina XDR display.

       Available Colors :

      Included in the box is a USB C to Lightning cable that supports fast charging and is compatible with USB C power adapters and computer ports.


      Our Offers:


      * Prices indicated are inclusive of 6% GST 

      12-month Installment Contract: Offer applicable to local residential customers on eligible postpaid packages who meet the contract eligibility criteria.

    • Terms and Conditions
      Smartphone Devices and Plans You agree to the following Terms and Conditions for Smartphone Devices and Plans. A downloadable copy of the Terms and conditions can be found here.

      Refund Procedure for handset Devices:
      The following terms apply for Refundable Devices.
      • Should you wish to refund the advance payment/ full payment made, please follow the following steps.
      • Refunds are applicable if you have not collected the device from Dhiraagu. Refunds will not be applicable to unboxed phones/devices.
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      Bank Transfer and Cheques: Customers have the option of Bank transfer or Cash cheque.
      • Complete the Bank and Account details on the application form.

    • Eligibility

        For the convenience of our customers we offer a 12-month installment contract offer available for local residential customers on our new postpaid packages, who meet the following criteria:           

              • Good credit history – In accordance with our credit policy the account should not have any outstanding amounts and no outstanding on any other service under the National ID card, should have prompt bill payments without disconnections, barring or defaults.        
              • Customer should not currently be on an active payment plan, OR handset installment plan on the Service number applying  
              • Applicable for Dhiraagu Postpaid packages: Postpaid 350, Postpaid 550, Postpaid 750, Postpaid 1000, Postpaid 1700, Postpaid Smart Premium, Postpaid Smart Premium Plus, Postpaid Smart Executive 1499 ,Postpaid Smart Executive 1999 & Gold package
        Existing Postpaid Customer on Eligible Postpaid package for the past 12 months   

        Terms of Contract:
              • Owner of the Service number would need to sign a 12-month contract at the time of device collection.
              • Ownership change, suspension of service, Port out and Change of Service to prepaid/ Flex package is restricted during the contract period.
              • Penalty for Early termination: Remaining Installments will be charged to the customer in full.
    • FREE Bonus
      Enjoy FREE Data bonus with every iPhone 12 Pro Max, purchased from Dhiraagu.

      Full Price customers:
      Dhiraagu Postpaid & Prepaid customers:

      • 10GB/month for 6 months for Customer who Pre-Order the iPhone 12 mini.
      • Free Bonus Data is awarded to the Dhiraagu Mobile number (Contact Number) provided during your order creation on the 1st week of each month.

      12 Month Installment Contract Customers:
      • 10GB/month for 6 months for customers who purchase an iPhone 12 mini.
      • Free Bonus Data is awarded to the Dhiraagu Mobile Number which the installment has been provided. Free Data will be awarded to the service number and Bonus Data will be awarded when the device is collected.
    • Other Important Information
      To make your online orders, it is recommended to use a PC/Laptop and Chrome browser for the best worry-free experience. 

      • Installment contract plans are applicable to local Residential Mobile Customers, who are on a Commercial Postpaid package.
      12 month installment contract will be offered to customers on the following packages: Postpaid 350, Postpaid  550,  Postpaid 750, Postpaid 1000, Postpaid Smart Premium, Postpaid Smart Premium Plus, Postpaid Smart Executive 1499 ,Postpaid  Smart Executive 1999 & Gold package.
      • Customers on Older postpaid packages will require upgrading to the best value postpaid, which gives you more value.
      • Selection of the preferred color of the device is on first-come-first-serve basis and subject to stock availability.
      • Advance payment for outright purchase and 12 Month Installment Contract will be taken via our secure online payment channel.
      • If you wish to collect your device from Dhiraagu Regional CSC’s, please be advised that the delivery will take 7 to 14 days from the launch Date.
      • All customers opting for the 12 Month Installment contract, will have to agree and sign a mandatory agreement at the time of device collection. Registered owner should be present with NID original to sign the contract.

    • Warranty
      • Warranty: Apple One (1) YEAR Limited Warranty

      • Should the Product or any part thereof not function during the applicable warranty period, you can replace the Product or the particular component (s) at Maldives service center as detailed in manufacturer’s website. Apple Authorized service center in Maldives is Focus Computers.
    • FAQ
      • 1. Do I have to make any payment to successfully complete the order?
        Yes, you will have to make full payment for outright purchase and an advance payment for 12 month contract. Payment can be made on our Secure Online Payment channel. Your online order will be completed upon successful payment confirmation.
      • 2. I am unable to make online payment as I do not have a bank Card?

        We are afraid that only Debit/Credit card payments will be open for online orders.

      • 3. I am currently not in Male’ and I don’t think I can visit any time soon to collect the device. What shall I do?
        You may select your preferred collection point from any of Dhiraagu’s Regional Customer Service Centers.  However please allow us 7 to 14 days to deliver your device to the preferred CSC. We will ensure that you get your device at the earliest within the time frame. We are afraid that we will not be held responsible for any delays in delivering the device to our Regional Customer Service Centers.
      • 4. 12 month contract requires the Owner of the Service to sign the contract. I am not the registered owner, what shall I do?
        Only the registered owner of the Service can sign the 12-month installment contract.
      • 5. Can I transfer my Pre-Booking to another customer?
        We are sorry. The Pre-Booking is nontransferable. If a customer was unable to make pre-bookings prior to expiry of the pre-booking period, we will be opening the option for customers to purchase a device after the launch date, depending on stock availability.
      • 6. Can I nominate any number for the Free Data when I purchase on Buy Outright basis?
        Free data will be provided to the Mobile number you have specified during your Online order. We will not be able to change the number once you have submitted your order.
        7. Can I transfer the Billing number of the installment Contract?
        We are sorry. The Billing number cannot be changed during the contract period.
  • FAQ