"Live TV. Anywhere. Anytime"

Now you can be sure to catch all the action on TV while you are waiting in line, in a ferry or anywhere, anytime.
Enjoy Live TV on the go on all your mobile devices or on your ADSL/UltraFast connection!

  • Watch local channels currently from TVM, Raajje TV, DhiTV, VTV, SunTV and Channel 13! More channels and more entertainment coming soon!
  • Connect to Dhiraagu TV and watch different channels simultaneously on different devices
  • Available on your Dhiraagu Postpaid or Prepaid and can be used on your mobile phone, TouchNet broadband or fixed broadband (ADSL or UltraFast connection)


    To Activate:

    Simply send an SMS to 404 with the keyword "play"

    You will receive an SMS with your username and password.

    Log in to from your device and choose your preferred channel. You can even use your username and password on your computer with Dhiraagu ADSL or UltraFast broadband connection and enjoy DhiraaguTV

    Charges and Validity:

    • The service is on free subscription until further notice.
    • No additional data charges will apply on your fixed broadband services.
    • For mobile internet, (including TouchNet) data charges will apply as per your subscribed data package or in accordance to Dhiraagu mobile internet terms
    • MVR 1 will be charged for each SMS to 404

    To unsubscribe (For Postpaid Connections)

    To deactivate the service on your Postpaid connection, just send an SMS to 404 with the keyword “stop”.

    To check status

    Send an SMS to 404 with the keyword “status”

    To reset password

    Send an SMS to 404 with the keyword “password”
  • Other Information
    • The service is accessible on Dhiraagu network.
    • No data charges will apply to watch Dhiraagu TV ,on your ADSL/UltraFast fixed broadband connection
    • For mobile data (for mobile phones and TouchNet), data charges will apply as per your subscribed internet package or as per Dhiraagu mobile internet terms
    • You can watch 2 different channels simultaneously on 2 different devices.
    • It is recommended to use the service with a data plan, if you are using a mobile device
  • FAQ
    • What network connection do I need to use DhiraaguTV service?
      You will need an internet connection of Dhiraagu, like ADSL broadband or a 3G/4G mobile connection to stream content from DhiraaguTV
    • Can I extend DhiraaguTV service from my computer to my TV via HDMI cable?
      Currently the service is optimized for mobile devices from which you will get the best experience.
    • Why won’t the picture go full-screen when I rotate the device while viewing a channel?
      It will work if you change to the full-screen mode on the device, before rotating to landscape mode.
    • Can I share my DhiraaguTV account with friends/family?
      Yes you can, but in this case, the subscription fee of MVR 50 will apply to you and any additional mobile data charges will be applicable to your friends/family if they are using their mobile phone or other mobile devices.
    • Why can’t I watch DhiraaguTV at my workplace?
      The service will be available if you are on Dhiraagu network. But sometimes, certain protocols or sites may have been restricted by your network administrator.
    • What should I do if I need help?
      Just send us an email to or call us at 123 .
    • How will Dhiraagu get in touch with me?
      We may contact you via DhiraaguTV notifications within the service or via email etc. Please make sure you have provided us with accurate contact details and keep us updated regarding any changes.
  • FAQ