Reach wider audiences
Bulk SMS Platform
Bulk SMS platform allows corporate customers to reach a wide audience with a simple click of a button. They are allowed to make full use of the allowance for bulk SMS based on the respective package tier. With this platform, you can:

  • Reach a wide audience through a single SMS
  • Get the same message to all the concerned parties
  • Send out bulk messages through a simple web portal
SMS Short Code Services
Short Code services allow them to direct replies from a dedicated number which is easier for the audience to assimilate. Reach more in one go with:

  • Easy to remember Short Code Number
  • Two way messaging between a single shortcode and a wide audience
  • Integration with a Campaign Manager to run campaigns/quizzes/polls/voter registration via SMS
*Bulk SMS/SMS short codes services are on a minimum 12-month contract
Key Benefits 
Easy to use platform
Simple to use with no complex instructions or navigations
Wide reach
Capability to reach a wide audience with a simple click of a button
Scalable messaging
Ability to scale for a better messaging experience
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