Full visibility and control

Get a real-time view of the status of IT services and equipment to ensure the world class service delivery 
o Designed to address the challenges in operational monitoring of IT components and Service levels, SLAM gives you the ability to have a real-time overview of your components and services regardless of your physical location. SLAM monitoring has zero intrusion to your sensitive data with an independent platform.

With the added flexibility of future expansion and integrations, you can ensure smooth operations with the help of:

  • Real time monitoring
  • Proactive trend analysis
  • Consolidation
  • Interactive SLAMbot

Key benefits
No hardware required
No hardware required at customer premises
Basic IT skill requirement
IT skill requirement is basic level 1 troubleshooting for SLAM
Scaling beyond the fixed packages is simple with no hidden costs to customers
Capability to add on future requirements for development and technologies
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