Enjoy unmatched hospitality with Kobaa WiFi!

Kobaa WiFi gives businesses complete control over their on-site internet. Seamless activation and powerful management features ensure quality service and a network tailored to your specific needs. The platform easily scales to accommodate growth and eliminating upgrade complexities.

Key benefits
Full Control
Full visibility and control to utilize bandwidth for meaningful purposes.
Protect network users from malware or undesirable content.
Adapt to accommodate your business's evolving requirements.

Add-ons and Accessories

(scale to cater to your business needs)

  • Terms of service
    • Rates indicated are subjected to 8% GST.
    • Concurrent Devices Add-on is only applicable for Basic, Plus and Pro packages.
    • WAAS and Advanced WAAS Add-on are only applicable for Basic, Plus and Pro packages.
    • Concurrent Devices Gateway is only applicable for Basic, Plus and Pro packages.
    • Printer (accessory) can be taken by users on any package.
    • WiFi Access Point (accessory) can be taken only by users on Starter Package.
    • Concurrent Device Add-on, WAAS and Advance WAAS Add-ons are added to your monthly bill.
    • Concurrent Device Gateway, Printer and WiFi Access Point can be purchased with a one time payment or on a 12 months instalment plan with an early termination fee. Customers are to pay the remaining amount of the device price if terminating.
    • *For concurrent devices above 7,000 please contact our Business Sales team.
  • 15GB
    MVR 30
    MVR 50
    MVR 100
    MVR 200
    MVR 500
    MVR 500
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