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All in one
Multiple services under one platform
Simple user interface
Simple & effective user interface for easy navigation
Highly customizable
Open to new service integrations
Analytics & Reports
Data analytics & reporting capabilities
Monitoring & Managing
Network monitoring & real-time notifications management
IoT Compatibility
Open to third-party
Key Features
Innovative, scalable and future-proof.
  • Fire Service

    Ecosys fire service is an innovative fire alarm monitoring system that is securely integrated into the customer’s existing network, to ensure uninterrupted operation of existing systems. The Fire service dashboard allows easy identification of incident locations minimizing crucial response times.

  • Audio Service

    Ecosys uses a dynamic and flexible sound system spanning multiple uses. It can be used as a Public Announcement (PA) system and Background Music (BGM) system.

  • Location Based Service

    Location based services provides exclusive monitoring of critical areas at the customer premises. A multitude of devices including GPS tracking devices, motion sensor, CCTV cameras etc. are used to track and monitor customer premises and valuable assets. It is able to analyze live feeds and playback recordings.

  • Intruder Detection

    Critical locations at customer premises can be identified using Ecosys intruder detection service. Intruders are detected with the help of motion sensors and CCTV cameras.

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