Doctor-patient appointments at your finger tips

Magey Memo is a cloud-based software that you can use to manage your doctors’ schedules and appointments. It is a complete doctor and outpatient management system with real-time reporting and booking monitoring dashboards. With Magey Memo, users can schedule, book and pay for doctor’s appointments 24/7.

Key benefits
Aasandha Integrated
The platform is Aasandha integrated, therefore duplication of entry into multiple system is resolved
Easy pay
Easy payment methods integrated for your convenience
Real-time Reporting
Easily accesible and comprehensive real-time reporting 
Appointment Booking
Aasandha Integrated Appointment Booking system
No queuing
Patients will not need to queue up for appointment
Notification alert
Ability to notify patients when doctors start appointment/cancellation etc.
Get started
  • For Patients

    1. Click
    2. Select a doc/clinic by profession/name
    3. Select a date
    4. Book
    5. Enter ID card number, name, select country (local)
    6. Selection payment option – Dhiraagupay or BML
    7. Complete the payment
    8. Confirmed appointment

  • For Business

    1. Contact 123 for support
    2. Direct to Product Manager from the Business Department
    3. Signed an NDA
    4. Share relevant information/collect information from clinic (doc schedules, Intenet connection, registration etc)
    5. Sign an Agreement
    6. Request Aasandha to share clinic specific credentials with Dhiraagu
    7. Technical integration of clinic with MageyMemo software
    8. Dhiraagu process the onboarding with clinic
    9. Clinic assigns users roles
    10. Online hands-on training for the clinic/hospital
    11. Dhiraagu creates clinic in the software
    12. Clinic Live
    13. Live onboarding with the clinic

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