• 03 August 2010
    With Dhiraagu homeGuard now See Your Home Anytime
    With Dhiraagu homeGuard, launched today at Nalahiya Hotel, now you can see your home anytime on your mobile.

    This is in a series of new services launched by Dhiraagu to complement with its 3G connectivity that is fast expanding across the country. homeGuard is a secure service whereby only selected numbers can call and view video feed from the mobile camera device.

    To use Dhiraagu homeGuard simply buy a 3G Video Surveillance Camera from Dhiraagu. Customers can either use a prepaid or postpaid SIM card with this camera. If customers want to use Post-Paid, they may subscribe to our special homeGuard package for Mrf 99 with a monthly charge of Mrf 30 for the package.

    HomeGuard camera is a portable device that can be installed at any location at home. Customers can control the camera on their mobile with Dhiraagu homeGuard application; you can zoom and move to view as if you are in the location.

    To start using Dhiraagu homeGuard simply make a video call to the assigned number in the camera, and pin in the allocated password to this connection. The camera will automatically answer the video call and you can view your home or any other intended location. It’s a simple and secure way to keep an eye on your loved ones and children while you are away.

    During the launching ceremony Dhiraagu Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations Mohamed Mirshan stated that Dhiraagu always strives to launch innovative services for customers, services that cater to the changing lifestyle of Maldivians. Recent international awards won by Dhiraagu for its innovative products testify to the excellence in product development and services at Dhiraagu. A live demonstration of Dhiraagu homeGuard was shown during the ceremony to the media and other attendants.

    For more information about the service please call our customer service 123 or visit www.dhiraagu.com.mv.

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