• 06 December 1999
    The Mobile GSM customers reach 2000 by the 3rd day of commercial operation
    The number of DhiMobile GSM customers has reached 2000 in only the 3rd day since the commercial launch of the service.

    The service was commercially launched on 21st November 1999. This commercial launch of the DhiMobile GSM service follows the soft launch of GSM service to former AMPS customers on the 24th October.

    The service was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Mr. Midhath Himly at a special ceremony held at the Dhiraagu Teleshop. A mobile phone with free connection was presented to Mr. Ibrahim Ali one of the new applicants for the new GSM service, who had won the prize in a lucky draw held among the first 50 who applied for the service. To mark the commercial launch of the GSM service Dhiraagu held a Live Music Show at the Male' South West Harbour. Amazon Jade, Freeze and local dance group Comets performed live at the show.

    The new DhiMobile GSM system has already proved to be far better than the old AMPS system, in terms of voice quality, coverage and connection speed. It already offers GSM customers two new services free-of-charge, which were not available on the old AMPS system: Call forwarding and Call waiting. Additional services are planned in the near future.

    The GSM Project, which cost a total of Rf 90 million, started in early 1999.

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