• 01 December 2008
    Special IDD rates for EID and new year
    On the occasion of Al'ha Eid and the New Year, Dhiraagu is pleased to offer special rates for IDD calls to the most popular destinations, ranging from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal to Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Available during 24 hours everyday, from 01 December 2008 to 15 January 2009, Dhiraagu customers will be able to call family and friends abroad, for as little as Rf. 2.99 per minute, through Dhiraagu's IDD019 service. To countries such as Singapore, where the existing IDD019 rate is even less, the lower rate will apply, as detailed below:

    Destination IDD 019 - tariff (Rf/minute chargeable in seconds)
    Bangladesh 2.99
    India 2.99
    Sri Lanka 2.99
    Malaysia 2.80
    Nepal 2.99
    Thailand 2.99
    Philippines 2.99
    Indonesia 2.99
    Singapore 1.80
    Australia (Fixed lines only) 2.99
    UK (Fixed lines only) 2.99
    Pakistan 2.99

    As increasing numbers of Maldivians travel to neighbouring countries during the school holidays, and as more and more students go overseas for their studies, Dhiraagu seeks to provide the most convenient ways to keep family and friends in touch. By offering best quality services at some of the lowest rates around, we ensure that our customers are able to do just that.

    These special rates are available on IDD019, for Dhiraagu fixed lines, Dhiraagu Postpaid and Prepaid mobiles, and payphones, although some rates are only available for fixed lines.

    If customers are unable to be with their loved ones during Eid, they now have the best rates to remain in touch with them by phone. With Dhiraagu's IDD019, all they have to do is dial IDD access number '019', the destination country code and number, and they can share the joys of Eid. Dhiraagu also extends the special IDD rates till mid January 2009, so that customers can see in the New Year with their special ones, even if they are away.

    Media contact for information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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