• 03 December 2009
    SAFF 2009 SMS Quiz and Updates from Dhiraagu
    As the SAFF Championship 2009 opens on Friday 04 December 2009, Dhiraagu extends its best wishes to the Maldivian national football team, the reigning champions.

    Taking pride in being the official sponsor of the SAFF Championship for the second consecutive year, Dhiraagu will also be active in promoting the event by holding a SAFF 2009 SMS Quiz and facilitating SMS based updates on the tournament.

    The SAFF 2009 SMS Quiz will run for the duration of the Championship, from 04 to 14 December 2009, and consists of 5 multiple choice questions. Correctly answering all 5 will result in the automatic entry into a lucky draw, with the grand prize of a 42” LCD TV, and customers are welcome to participate in the quiz as many times as they wish, by texting the keyword SAFF to 400.

    While the SAFF Championship 2009 is eagerly awaited by the whole country, Dhiraagu, with a history of supporting the development of sports in the Maldives, will provide an essential service for those seeking information on the national team and the tournament’s progress, through SMS.

    Customers can opt to receive updates for the entire tournament, or request specific information at their convenience, by sending an SMS to 401, as detailed below:

    Requirement SMS Keyword Charges Information

    To register for automatic updates for the entire tournament REG SAFF
    (eg. For Maldives, REG SAFF MDV) Rf. 20 per team Updates include team news, half time and full time scores, cards, standings and match schedules.
    Updates on demand SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS Updates on team
    SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS Updates on score
    SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS Updates on score
    SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS Updates on fixtures
    SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS Updates on point table
    To stop automatic updates for one team UNREG SAFF Rf. 1 per SMS -
    To stop automatic updates for all teams UNREG SAFF ALL Rf. 1 per SMS -
    For help on keywords SAFF HELP Rf. 1 per SMS -
    The Maldivian national football team has been training hard for the SAFF Championship 2009, and as the event begins in Dhaka, Bangladesh, this Friday, we wish our team every success in the tournament.

    Media contact for more information

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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