• 23 April 2009
    Reload Without Revealing Your Mobile Number
    Dhiraagu Prepaid Mobile is the most popular mobile service in the Maldives, and Dhiraagu ensures that it remains so, by introducing the most exciting and convenient value-added services.

    The latest in a series of new enhancements is Reload ID, which allows customers to use Reload service without revealing their mobile number. By sending a blank SMS to 201, customers will receive their very own Reload ID, which can be used in place of their mobile number, when recharging their prepaid account at Reload retailers.

    Safeguarding customers’ privacy has always been a top priority for Dhiraagu, and the company is pleased to introduce for the first time in the Maldives, a service which does precisely that. Available only for Reloading Dhiraagu Prepaid mobile accounts, Reload ID gives customers full control of their mobile number, keeping it a secret if they choose.

    Reload ID is another first from Dhiraagu, who was named as ‘The Most Innovative Service Provider in Maldives’ by Voice&Data, India’s leading magazine tracing business, technology and regulatory aspect of telecom and networking.
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