• 14 August 2000
    Reduced International Tariffs From Tuesday 15th August
    Dhiraagu is pleased to remind ALL customers, that as announced earlier this month, reduced tariffs for International telephone service come into effect this Tuesday, 15 August 2000.

    On the same day, the new extended off-peak times also come into effect. The new off-peak time starts everyday at 20-00 in the evening and continues until 08-00 next morning.

    The new international tariffs offer reductions to all countries. Whilst the actual reduction varies depending on country it averages 12% across all countries. For example customers calling SAARC countries or Singapore during off-peak can now enjoy savings of 27%.

    Full details of the new tariffs have been communicated to the general public via local newspapers. A leaflet providing full details of the new tariffs will also be sent to each customer with their next telephone bill.

    Free copies of the new tariff leaflet are available from Dhiraagu Counters.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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