• 11 June 2001
    Prepaid System Installation Completed
    Dhiraagu announces today the successful installation of the Pre-Paid system, with final functionality tests currently being conducted.

    The exact service launch date will be communicated to customers as soon as possible.

    In preparation for the launch, a full PR campaign through TV, radio and newspapers will create greater awareness among the general public. An educational Pre-Paid leaflet will also be widely distributed in resort islands and inhabited islands in the mobile coverage area during the next two weeks.

    The Pre-Paid service allows customers to use DhiMobile service with no security deposit or monthly bill. Calls are paid for, in advance using "recharge vouchers" which credit the customer account. These recharge vouchers are available in RF100, Rf200 and Rf500 values. Recharge vouchers will be available to customers from Dhiraagu customer front office and a number of other outlets.

    Dhiraagu has invested US$ 0.8 Million in equipment from Comverse Network Systems Limited (USA) for the supply of VoiceMail, SMS and Pre-Paid services.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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