• 25 January 2016
    Phones handed over to 2nd week’s winners of Dhiraagu Postpaid Smartphone Giveaway Promo
    Dhiraagu has handed over the phones to the 2nd week’s lucky winners of the ongoing ‘Postpaid Smartphone Giveaway Every day’ promotion.

    The phones were handed over to its lucky winners today at a special ceremony held at the Dhiraagu Head Office. Phones were handed over by Dhiraagu Public Relations Manager, Mr. Imjad Jaleel

    The lucky winners of the smartphones for the 2nd week are;
    Day 8 – Mohamed Hussain, G.Hiyavaali, K. Male’,
    Day 9 – Hussain Rasheed Abdul Ghaffar, Noor Manzil, HA. Uligan
    Day 10 – Abdul Raheem, Naares, L. Gan, Thundi
    Day 11 – Abdulla Saeed, Mulamaage, S. Hitadhoo
    Day 12 – Abdul Gadir Ahmed, MA. Forsythia, K. Male’
    Day 13 – Ibrahim Nazim, Blue Lagoon, S. Hitadhoo
    Day 14 – Ahmed Mashoodh, Noomaage, K. Thulusdhoo

    This promotion will run from 11th January 2016 to 29th February 2016, with each and every active postpaid customer of Dhiraagu standing a chance to win either an Apple iPhone 6S, Apple iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

    Our customers will not have to follow any additional steps in order to be part of the daily draw. New customers who join the network during the promotion will also be entered into the draw automatically, from the day they join the network.

    This promotion is the first major promotion for our customers this 2016, for simply choosing our network. Even though this promotion is only for Postpaid customers, Dhiraagu is already planning ahead for the year, to conduct various activities for the users of our other services as well.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    25th January 2016

    Media contact for information:

    Imjad Jaleel
    Manager Public Relations
    Phone: 3311681, Mobile: 779 2040

    Mohamed Mirshan Hassan
    Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations
    Phone: 3311336
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