• 19 September 2000
    Personal Computers Available "Dhivehinet-Ready" (From Leading Maldives Pc Vendors)
    As part of Dhiraagu's initiative to make the Internet as readily accessible to the public as possible, we announce every PC sold in the Maldives will be DhivehiNet-Ready. (Local PC vendor companies initially supporting this venture are Comtronics, Dash Computers, Focus Computers, InfoTech and New Tek).

    DhivehiNet-Ready PCs come with all the necessary software, configured for DhivehiNet access and a DhivehiNet dial-up account and password from Dhiraagu. Customers are not charged any connection fee or monthly rental for this Internet service.

    To connect to the Internet, the customer simply has to plug in a telephone line and double-click the PC screen icon "Connect to DhivehiNet". Once connected to the Internet, customers can also create free web-based e-mail accounts using AvasMail.

    Dhiraagu has also arranged free Internet Demonstrations, for people who purchase PCs from these vendors with the Career Times Limited (CTL).

    Dhiraagu will work with all computer vendors in the Maldives to make every PC DhivehiNet-Ready.

    For more information about this please contact us on toll free number 170 or e-mail us at: [email protected].


    No separate application to the DhivehiNet service will be required for customers who purchase PCs from these vendors (and NO connection fee or monthly rental).

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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