• 06 July 2023
    Join Lean Startup Maldives 2023 by Dhiraagu and Sparkhub!

    Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have opened registrations for Lean Startup Maldives 2023, scheduled to be held from 14-16 July 2023.

    Lean Startup Maldives is an intensive startup bootcamp designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators with the knowledge, tools, and mindset necessary to build startups or drive innovation. The workshop is based on the Lean Startup methodology, which emphasises rapid iteration and customer validation.

    Over the course of the 3-day bootcamp, participants will engage in a series of hands-on activities, collaborative exercises, and expert-led sessions to develop and refine their business ideas using the Lean Startup Canvas. Participants will also be equipped with a valuable framework of tools and techniques designed to help early-stage startups learn the right steps and the process of identifying and acquiring customers towards building a sustainable business before the actual building starts.

    Participants who would like to take part in Lean Startup Maldives 2023 can register via this link: https://bit.ly/LSMV2023.

    Dhiraagu and Sparkhub have been collaborating through their partnership to support the local startup culture and help establish the startup ecosystem in the Maldives.

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