• 11 October 2001
    Introduction Of New Services And Prices
    Dhiraagu has recently been working with customers to better understand their requirements and deliver quality services at reasonable prices.

    A Three Year Vision has been completed giving a consolidated plan of our products, pricing and customer services. Dhiraagu's Board of Directors and Shareholders are supporting a quick implementation of this plan.

    So far we have introduced fixed telephone line installation incentives, e-Bill for online access of call details, direct debit for automatic monthly bill payment and Pre-paid on the mobile service. Major price reductions have also been introduced on Internet access and calls from fixed lines to DhiMobile. Additionally the following changes will be implemented by December 2001:

    Tariff reductions

    • DhiMobile call charges.
    • International call charges.
    • Line rentals for resorts and islands where residential telephone service is unavailable.

    New services and enhancements

    • ISDN, high-speed dial-up Internet access and advanced data communications.
    • Reverse Directory Enquiry, for customers to find the address of a telephone number.
    • eDirectory, to provide telephone directory service over the Internet.
    • Customer Services Department working hours extended.
    • Introduction of a single FREE number 123 for customers to call Dhiraagu for everything.

    These changes have been introduced based on feedback received from customers and are part of our commitment to listening to customers and delivering products and services at reasonable prices.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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