• 19 July 2000
    Introduction Of "CallerID"
    Dhiraagu announces today (19 July 2000) that the Company plans to introduce "Caller ID" service on 20th July 2000.

    This service allows the telephone number of the calling party to be displayed on your telephone.

    The service will initially be available only to the fixed line telephone customers in Male' and all the GSM customers. The telephone numbers of calls originating from all telephones and mobiles within the Maldives will be available for display on these phones, with only a few exceptions.

    In general, telephone numbers from International incoming calls will not be displayed. At present it is not technically possible to provide Caller ID service to customers on other islands, however this service will be extended to them in the future.

    Dhiraagu General Manager Keith Wilson said, "Customers have been waiting for Caller ID service for a long time. This is an important value-added service, which allows the calling party to be identified before the call is answered and even when the call is missed. If you have experienced nuisance calls, it will obviously reduce those unwanted calls."

    Customers can obtain this new service by simply filling in a normal application form. The only charges are a one-off Rf. 100 set-up fee and a Rf. 30 monthly fee. If you require any additional information please call toll FREE 120.

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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