• 12 July 2000
    International Roaming Service Introduced To Germany And Hong Kong
    Dhiraagu announces today (12 July 2000) the introduction of GSM International Roaming service to Germany (Mannesmann or D2) and Hong Kong (Cable & Wireless HKTCSL).

    This means Dhiraagu customers can now roam on these two networks while visiting these countries and also visitors from those counties to the Maldives will be able to use their GSM phone on the DhiMobile network.

    Roaming services to new destinations will continue to increase over the coming months. Currently Dhiraagu is seeking to finalise arrangements with GSM operators in Malaysia, Italy and Australia. We will advise customers via the local media as soon as the new services become available.

    Dhiraagu introduced GSM International Roaming on 8 May 2000. Since then Dhiraagu has been working towards increasing the number of International Roaming partners. International Roaming is now available to Singapore (Singtel and M1), Sri Lanka (Dialog) United Kingdom (BT Cellnet), Hong Kong (HKTCSL) and Germany (Mannesmann or D2).

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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