• 01 June 2000
    "Instant Internet Access" to be Introduced
    Dhiraagu is making final arrangements to introduce "Instant Internet Access" service in June.

    Customer's just purchase a DhivehiNet CD-ROM starter pack for Rf.100/-, which includes a username, password and all the necessary software to access the Internet. Customers will not have to pay a setup fee or any monthly access charges. With the introduction of this new service Internet services will be more accessible & affordable for the public. Dhiraagu General Manager Keith Wilson said "We are committed to making the Internet as readily accessible to the people of Maldives as possible. This year we reduced usage charges in January, introduced a free email service, Avasmail and have opened 6 Public Internet Access points across the Maldives. This is the latest step in developing Internet access for all Maldivians".

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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