• 21 December 2022
    #InspiredConnections - Dhiraagu 2023 Calendar tells four unique stories through AR

    A special ceremony was held today at Dhiraagu Head Office to unveil the Dhiraagu 2023 Calendar which celebrates inspiring connections.

    The 2023 Calendar features the stories of twelve unique individuals, which is shown through colourful illustrations of augmented reality (AR) with sound effects. The calendar follows four themes of conservation: Environment, Language, Craftsmanship and Music. Each person featured in the calendar is connected in some way and have unknowingly inspired each other to do exceptional work in their fields, across generations and professions.

    “As the Maldivian connection, we wanted to celebrate the inspiring connections of people that have worked to preserve and cultivate the unique traditional heritage of the Maldives. Through this calendar, we hope to inspire a new generation of people and connections to achieve great things similar to these twelve individuals,” stated Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, Director, Brand and Marketing Communications of Dhiraagu at the event today.

    Users can experience the 2023 Calendar’s vivid stories by simply scanning the Snapchat code on each page of the month, which will showcase their individual talents and work.

    Dhiraagu remains dedicated to enriching lives through top-notch connectivity, helping people get ahead in what they do best.

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