• 05 November 1999
    Incentives For Existing Mobile Customers To Transfer Their Existing Lines To The New GSM Service
    Dhiraagu announces today that the Company will be offering incentives for existing Dhimobile AMPS customers to migrate to the new Dhimobile GSM service when it is launched.

    The Incentive plan is only available to existing AMPS Customers who wish to transfer to GSM for the soft' launch, prior to the full commercial launch of the service.

    Under the incentive plan customers who transfer from the AMPS service to GSM, will be connected to the new service FREE. If the customer's original AMPS handset was purchased from Dhiraagu they will also be given a 33% DISCOUNT on the purchase of a new GSM handset. Existing customers who purchased their handset elsewhere are offered a 15% DISCOUNT on the purchase of a new GSM handset, from Dhiraagu.

    "Our objective in building the incentive plan was to provide the best value for money for our customers. We trust free connection and discount against existing handsets are competitive, particularly as most AMPS handsets are now over a year old and nearing the end of their manufacturers anticipated lifetime", said General Manager Bob Ure.

    Dhiraagu plans to start the soft launch of the service in October and the full commercial launch of the service in November. Exact dates of the soft launch and the full commercial launch will be published in the near future.


    Supplier of AMPS Handset | Supplier of GSM Handset | GSM Handset Discount (%) | Connection Fee (Rf) | Administration Charge (Rf)
    Dhiraagu | Dhiraagu | 33 | Free | Free
    Other | Dhiraagu | 15 | Free | Free
    Dhiraagu | Other | -  | Free | 200
    Other | Other | - | Free | 200

    The Admin. fee covers the cost of changing billing and customer records from the old to the new system and issuing the SIM card.

    Discounts are only applicable on selected GSM handsets selected by, and sold through, Dhiraagu.

    Each customer will be offered a particular discounted GSM handset depending on the AMPS handset purchased from Dhiraagu. If a customer purchased a 'low-end' AMPS handset from Dhiraagu he will be offered discount on a 'low-end' GSM replacement handset, similarly a 'high-end' GSM handset will be offered to replace a 'high-end' AMPS handset. Customers wishing to 'upgrade' a 'low-end' AMPS handset to a 'better' GSM handset than we would normally offer can do so. They may take the Rufiyaa discount offered on their 'low-end' handset and offset this Rufiyaa amount against the higher value GSM handsets in the promotional range.

    Normal selling prices for handsets will be in the range of Rf2000 - Rf6000.

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    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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