• 03 January 2000
    Huge reduction on DhivehiNet charges
    Dhiraagu announces today (3rd January 2000), that as part of Dhiraagu's continued effort to make DhivehiNet more accessible and affordable to the general public, the Company has developed a new reduced DhivehiNet tariff package.

    Under the new package, DhivehiNet monthly charges will be reduced from Rf 250 per month to Rf 150 per month- a reduction of 40%. The new monthly charges will be applicable with effect from 1st Feb 2000.

    With effect from 15th January 2000, DhivehiNet call charges will be reduced from Rf1.75 to Rf 1.50 during peak hours and from Rf 1.25 to Rf1.00 per minute during off peak hours. In addition an economy rate of 55 larees per minute and a special Friday rate of Rf1.00 per minute will be introduced.

    "With the introduction of revised DhivehiNet charges an average DhivehiNet user will be saving up to 30% and if it is during economy rate he or she will be saving up to 68%", said the Dhiraagu General Manager Bob Ure. He further said " I sincerely hope our customers will take maximum advantage of this massive reduction on DhivehiNet charges".

    | Peak (0800 – 1759) | Off peak (1800 – 2159) | Economy (2200 – 0759)
    Saturday - Thursday | 1.50 | 1.00 | 0.55
    Friday | 1.00 | 1.00 | 0.55

    From 15th January , the low economy rate will start at 10pm every day. i.e. 2 hours earlier than the current off- peak start time

    Issued by:

    Dhiraagu Marketing Communications & Public Relations
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