• 17 May 1999
    Hon. Abdulla Hameed opens Dhiraagu Operations Centre
    The Minister of Atolls and Administration Hon Abdulla Hameed opens Eydhafushi Operations Centre and also officially inaugurates residential telephone service in Eydhafushi, today 17th May.

    The ceremony which was held at Baa Eydhafushi was attended by the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Communications Science and Technology Mr. Miduhath Hilmy, the Director General of Telecommunications Department Mr. Hussein Shareef, a number of senior staff from Dhiraagu and many members of the public.

    Speaking at the ceremony the General Manager of Dhiraagu Mr Bob Ure said "Our main objective under the license is to provide access to telephone service to all the inhabited islands by the end of this year. At the present rate of work we will complete this ahead of our original schedule, by the end of May. To achieve this end we have been investing Mrf.4.8 million a week. We now have residential networks in all the inhabited islands in Seenu, Fuah Mulah, Kaafu Villingili, Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo and Baa Eydhafushi".

    The Eydhafushi Operations Centre houses a telephone exchange and is staffed by Dhiraagu technical and operational personnel. For the completion of the Operations Centre, installation of the remote exchange, and all the associated work to provide residential service in Eydhafushi, Dhiraagu has made an investment in excess of Mrf 18 million.

    To mark the occasion, a special football match was played between a team from Eydhafushi and Reathi Beach Resort. Also the General Manager of Dhiraagu hosted a lunch to mark the occasion. Leading members from public were invited to the lunch.

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